Why Can’t I Swipe Up on My Apple Watch?

apple watch won't swipe up

Officially released in the year 2015 with the iPhone 6 by CEO Tim Cook, Apple Watch has become the users’ favorite gadget to buy and what reason do they have not to? The watch has exciting features like exclusive features like  ECG, Heart Rate detectors among other things. However, by the virtue of being a gadget, the Apple watch is prone to various technical issues, of which, the Apple watch won’t swipe up is the one. The problem usually affects users who have updated their watches to watchOS 8.5.1. A non-responsive program, an incompatible or incorrectly mounted screen protector, or a buildup of dust or grime are a few other potential causes of the issue.

In this article, we will be solving it for you. So, stick to the end. 

How to fix Apple Watch not working issue


Restarting or force Restarting a device sometimes acts like a Magic wand. So it is advisable that you carry it out before we move on to other solutions. In order to do that Press and hold the side button and digital crown of the Apple Watch together for 10 seconds. Release the buttons once you see the Apple logo. If you are concerned that it might wipe your data then don’t worry, it won’t.

Cleaning or Wiping the Screen off

A moist or dirty screen could not register your finger touch. Please use your screen. Use a soft towel to gently wipe it down. Moreover, the problem can be caused by a screen protector or protective cover on your watch. After removing it, retest. Wipe the case or cover after removing the screen protector or case so that swiping up should work once more.

Switch to a Different Watch Face

On occasion, the problem could be caused by a specific watch face. Despite the fact that it might appear minor, some watch faces may obstruct swipe motions, rendering your watch unable to recognize touches. The best solution is to change watch faces, therefore do that. Simply swipe right or left to switch the watch face and select your chosen watch face.

Update to the Latest Version

Sometimes an Apple watch may become dysfunctional if you haven’t installed it to the latest version. This dysfunction is related to the bugs that the older version may have. So, the best practice would be to update the latest version of your WatchOS to fix the apple watch won’t swipe up or down issue. To do that:

  •  Touch the Apple Watch tab in the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to General, then click it.
  • then, a software update. If there are any updates available, connecting your watch to Wi-Fi will enable you to update it more quickly.

Check if Your Screen is Damaged

A scratchy screen can often lead to various kinds of swiping issues. Because Apple Watch rests on our hands, it is simple to get scratches or tiny cracks in the bezels and edges, which will change where you swipe.

If your apple watch not swiping issue still persists then it’s time for you to finally connect with Apple Support. Hope this article helped. 

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