Step By Step Car Drawing For Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Step By Step Car Drawing For Kids | Drawing Tutorial

Drawing For Kids cops are very important in modern life, Drawing Kids. Police officers diligently work daily to protect the community while donning their uniforms.

Car Drawing Instructions

Their distinctive police vehicles, however, are a crucial tool they use every day because walking wouldn’t get them very far. Drawing For Kids Although it can be entertaining to learn to draw a police car, the officers may need these vehicles.

But if you don’t have the right support system, this might be harder than you thought. With this detailed tutorial, you’ll discover how easy and fun drawing a police car can be!

Start sketching a police car right away!


  • In this first section of our tutorial on how to draw a police car, we’ll focus on the car’s outline.
  • A vehicle is almost always challenging to draw, so we’ll make it much easier for you by starting with the outline and adding detail from the inside out.
  • We’ll draw the car’s chassis, wheels, and top-mounted lights. When you’re happy with how it looks, proceed!


  • Start outlining the characteristics of the police car.
  • Now that you have drawn the fundamental shape of the police car, we can add some details to the drawing.
  • You can now sketch some forms for the vehicle’s front headlights. The car’s sidewalls and bumper can then be customized after that.
  • Even though these are only a few elements we’ll use, we can add more after you approve of how it looks.


  • Next, draw some details for the front and hood of the vehicle.
  • In the next step of our tutorial on sketching a police car, we’ll focus on the hood and the front of the vehicle.
  • First, draw some curved lines for the area surrounding the grill at the front of the car. You can extend some curved lines upward for the car’s bonnet from here.


  • Upgrade the car’s hood with some features.
  • Your police car sketch is coming together beautifully! This part will focus on the car’s fender.
  • You can add more lines to the area under the grill to depict these details and more rounded shapes to add depth.
  • You should carefully follow the instructions because some of these details can be a little tricky.


  • At this stage, you can give your police car sketch a few last polishes.
  • In this fifth step of our drawing a police car lesson, we’ll make final adjustments before colouring the vehicle.
  • You’ll add many details, so take your time and carefully follow the directions as you complete this step.
  • The car’s hood and entrance can be customized with the word “police.” The rest of the car will then learn some more information.
  • You can start by making small modifications to the car’s lighting. There will also be a few minute line details on the lamps on top of the car!
  • It is also possible to draw the side mirror and other car windows. Rounded and curving lines will represent the wheels’ ultimate characteristics. If you have trouble with these components, you could also simplify them.
  • After adding this information, you are now ready for the final step. Before moving on, feel free to add any details you’d like!
  • You could draw a background or a policeman or policewoman standing next to the car to show where it is. Use your creativity as you put the final few components!

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