Top 5 Managed VPS Hosting Provider In 2023

managed VPS hosting provider

Exploring a fully managed VPS hosting in Ashburn

Managed VPS hosting provider – VPS hosting is one of the best platforms to host a business website without compromising security, space, speed, and traffic. It provides you with the facility of dedicated hosting at an affordable price.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a flexible and robust hosting solution. It is best suitable for small enterprises and e-commerce websites as VPS is a virtual machine that provides virtualized resources on a physical server shared with another user.

But the sharing doesn’t affect the performance of any user. Managed VPS Hosting Provider in Ashburn offers a reserved amount of resources for freedom, customization, and greater control compared to shared hosting.

VPS can be availed for both managed and unmanaged. For unmanaged hosting, managing your reserved resources and technical problems is solely the user’s responsibility.

However, it managed to host privileges to the user with complete control with technical assistance. Now let’s explore the best VPS hosting providers in Ashburn for you.

Benefits of Ashburn VPS hosting

  • It gives you the total command, access, and resources to handle your website.
  • You get multiple IP addresses with KVM VPS hosting Ashburn
  • For VPS hosting Ashburn, you get options for the control panel, i.e., cPanel/ WHM and Plesk Onyx.
  • It gives you SSD storage for the industry.

Managed VPS hosting provider providers in Ashburn

Getting cheap RDP hosting in Ashburn is endorsed with the best VPS hosting. Let’s compare the top hosting providers for their offered resources and prices.

  1. Navicosoft 

For Navicosoft, its clients are its priority, providing a highly ranked, stable, managed VPS hosting provider in Ashburn. You can buy up to 6 vCPUs, a large hard disk, and increased RAM storage. A limitless bandwidth will enable you to handle sudden traffic spikes.

Managed Ashburn VPS hosting provider by Navicosoft is scalable with economical packages starting at only $20.16/- monthly. It is a Grade A option for websites with many additional privileges.

The starting package Ashburn V1 includes 512 MB RAM, 15 GB SSD hard drive, and 500 bandwidth with an uplink speed of 1Mbps. Options for SSL certificates, including AutoSSL, Comodo, and others, are available.

Navicosoft provides Ashburn VPS hosting for Windows, CentOS, and Ubuntu operating systems. At the same time, databases offered by Navicosoft include MySQL, PHP, Apache, Python, and Apache Tomcat. It facilitates the customers with RDP hosting in Ashburn, a secure, interoperable protocol and the best option for business.

  1. Ultra Host

Ultra host is another top service provider for web hosting. It offers an enterprise-grade VPS server for excellent performance and control. Its plan is designed to meet the growing demands. Specific characteristics include easy management, DDoS protection, and unmetered bandwidth.

Its primary business plan provides you with the VPS hosting in Ashburn for only $28.6/month. This plan includes managed server, one dedicated IP, 100 GB SSD, and 6GB RAM.

  1. Cloud Fitters

Cloud Fitters offers Ashburn VPS hosting with the flexibility of choosing according to workload requirements. The choice of the operating system is also available with the required resources. As well as the even customization of the configuration at any given time is also possible.

It offers its VPS server for $30/month, giving you 4vCPU, 8GB RAM, 50 GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth. Along with the essential requirements, it facilitates the users with control panels and one dedicated IP.

  1. OsoLabs

OsoLabs is a hosting provider claiming to be a blazingly fast, super reliable, and appropriate resource provider. Its business VPS hosting plan in Ashburn starts from $39/- per month, facilitating the four vCPU, 10 GB RAM, 75GB SSD, and 1TB bandwidth.

This KVM VPS hosting is provided for CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu with the best 24/7 customer services. You can get one dedicated IP with the starter package.

  1. Blue VPS

Blue VPS offers the simple, scalable, and customizable managed VPS hosting provider Ashburn. You can enjoy the dedicated environment with the flawless handling of heavy traffic. In the likely event of a traffic surge, your website will have the necessary resources to handle all the requests.

For example, additional resources can be provided by VPS Seattle to ensure immediate scalability. For both Windows and Linux operating systems, VPS hosting is available.

With the Blue VPS, full access is allowed, and there is a choice of operating system. It provides you with unlimited bandwidth, one dedicated IP, a 100GB SSD, and 4GB RAM. The economical price for the starter business package is $ 24.99/mo.

Why is Navicosoft the best option for KVM VPS hosting Ashburn of your website?

Navicosoft possesses data centers in the USA, is equipped with the latest technology, and guarantees the best KVM VPS hosting in the USA. Its powerful and trustworthy hardware handles the highest quality standards in high-tech data centers.

Navicosoft provides you with protected facilities with strict physical security and surveillance. It connects you with the minimum latency, and its high-tech cooling technologies optimize the temperature.

As a matter of fact, its worldwide spreading data centers allow you both local and global connections. Navicosoft offers the maximum available payment methods, i.e., credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or digital currencies (bitcoin, altcoin, etc.).


Finally, fully managed VPS hosting is equally beneficial and trendy for e-commerce and enterprise websites. It gives you freedom and reserved resources. Therefore, relying upon a trustworthy VPS Hosting Ashburn can lead you to host your website conveniently.

Modern data centers of Navicosoft are dependable, and its technically skilled team guides you thoroughly. The exceptional services and 24/7 customer care of Navicosoft have ranked it as the top-tier managed VPS hosting provider in Ashburn.

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